creeping ever closer

whew. what a week we twistedistas have had. as emily’s husband said today, twisted is one of those ‘some assembly required’ type of places. we’ve been painting some more (yeah, i thought we were done, too), putting shelving together, finishing off the counters, cleaning, organizing, mounting stuff, cleaning some more, having inspections…this is a crazy ride we are on, people. a wonderful, exciting, stimulating, and dream-fulfilling ride, but a crazy one nonetheless. we are coming to the end of this part of it, and have realized how lucky we are to have generous, helpful, and talented folks in our lives. stefan, my hubbie, has been at the shop every night this week, sometimes until as late as 10:30 (after working a full day at his regular job). we also had a great lil group of guys today helping us out: stefan, good buddies erik and collin, and emily’s own matt. we busted it out, people, and twisted will be opening SOON. keep checking back to find out the exact opening date, and to enter our very first twisted contest (the details of which will be posted in the next few days).


and, if that wasn’t exciting enough, on thursday afternoon, my fantasticly wonderful brother and his gorgeous, fabulous wife had their first baby, so i am now aunt shannon. she is perfect, beautiful, smart, and funny already, and she’s only two days old.