COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Response

Just like everyone else, at Twisted we are closely following news of the COVID-19 epidemic. I want to let you know what we're thinking and doing to help during this stressful time. The situation is evolving rapidly and, especially in the absence of any credible leadership from our government, there is much we don't know about what will happen in the days and weeks ahead. We DO know that at Twisted we're committed to doing our part to keep our staff and customers safe - and to following the recommendations of experts and the directions of authorities. As things change, we'll keep in touch.


  • At present, based on our best understanding of the current advice of state and federal agencies, we are not canceling our small group classes.
  • That said, if you would like to cancel you may do so at any time for a full refund. Just reply to this email or give us a call at 503-922-1150.
  • We urge anyone who is sick or has been in contact with anyone who is sick to stay home and contact us for a refund.
  • Likewise, if you are a member of an at-risk group, please stay home, stay safe, and contact us for a refund.


  • All knit nights and events, including our store closing party on 3/30, are canceled.
  • While guidelines suggest that, with appropriate precautions, our small classes of at most six people do not need to be canceled, larger and less-structured gatherings simply aren't wise.

What we're doing

  • Employees - All the Twistedistas have committed to stay home from work if they have any symptoms. Twisted does offer paid sick leave for our employees.
  • Facilities - We are continuing to disinfect hard surfaces in the shop a minimum of 3 times a day. This includes everything from doors to tables to credit card terminals. We also have hand sanitizer at each register. The classroom table will be expanded to its full size so students can spread out as much as possible.
  • Free in-store pickup - Order online and select "in-store pickup" at checkout. Call ahead and if possible we'll run your order out to you in your car. With staff members out sick and only on-street parking, this may be a challenge. Let's all work together, be patient, and do our best!
  • Free shipping - We are lowering our threshold for free shipping on most orders from $50 to $25.

What you can do

  • If you're sick or a member of your household is sick, please stay home, take care of yourself, and contact us for a full refund of your class fee.
  • While it can feel awkward, we request that you not shake hands with or hug teachers, staff members, or other guests at the shop.
  • Wash those paws frequently, friends.


If you have questions, or if there is anything else we can do to help you, please email us at, or phone Twisted at 503-922-1150.


Emily Williams

Twisted Owner

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