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Come craft with us

Word on the street is that ya’all want to learn to knit on the weekdays as well as on the weekends. Well, ask and ye shall receive. So, in addition to the class on Saturdays, we’re having a learn to knit class on Thursdays, August 9, 16, 23 from 6pm to 8pm. Yeah! We know it’s starting a little soon, so tell all your friends and family to go ahead and sign up post-haste.

Also, August brings us to the start of our open crafting nights on Tuesdays and TV/movie nights on Fridays. The Tuesday extravaganzas will begin ’round about 6pm and go until we close at 8pm. The Neurotransknitters from up on Pill Hill have already promised to join us, so if there are any acute health crises during the evening, we’ll all be in good hands!

supernatural On Fridays, for TV and movie night, we’re going with a monsters theme in honor of our new monster-sized 37″ flat screen LCD TV! This means fun monster-themed movies on first and third Fridays (not scary ones, though: Emily is not not not a fan of horror movies, so no actually scary movies will be viewed on premises lest she have to go and hide in the back room or stick her fingers in her ears and say nanananana all night long). Second and fourth Fridays will be the best fun monster TV show in recent years, Supernatural. We do love those boys.

Come craft with us!

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