Classy. Real Classy.

Dream in Color‘s Classy is one of my favorite yarns for baby knitting. It’s a machine-washable, worsted-weight merino wool in gorgeous subtly-variegated colors. (There are other weights, as well, and I have used them, too – Smooshy is a fingering-weight sock yarn, Groovy is chunky-weight, and Baby is lace-weight, but that’s not what brought us here today).

Hazel has a few sweaters made of Classy, and more are likely on the way. I’ve also made Classy sweaters for other little folk I have known, and even a February Lady Sweater for yours truly in Classy Punky Fuschia.

All in all, a fabulous yarn, and one that will get much more rotation in my personal knitting very soon. As a matter of fact, Hazel helped me pick out some yarn a few months ago to make a sweater for her BFF Adele, so I’ve got to get crackin’ on it!

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