Class Round-Up – Spotlight on Sivia Harding

There is still space available in two fantastic classes taught by bead-guru Sivia Harding! Give us a call at 503-922-1150 or stop in to register.

Beaded Treasure Bag or Felted Purse
This class is a crash course in knitting with beads. Three different techniques are taught and many bead effects and possible embellishments are discussed. The purse can either be made into a drawstring treasure bag or hand felted in class for use as a wallet.
Thursday, March 24. 5:00–8:00pm.
with Sivia Harding
Materials: Felted version: Fine, smooth feltable yarn (Baby Twist from Alpaca with a Twist or Imperial Stock Ranch Tracy would work) – 40 yards.
Non-felted version: Sport weight smooth yarn (any of the yarns mentioned above, with the addition of Gems Sportweight, AVFKW Metamorphasis or Annapurna, and BMFA Socks that Rock mediumweight or Geisha) – 40 yds.
Needles, either straights or circular, US 4 or 5 (3.5 mm or 3.75 mm) – whatever will give a firm fabric. 256 size 6/0 beads, in an opaque or metallic finish (MC).
40 size 6/0 seed beads in an opaque or metallic finish in an accent color (CC). These could also be an unusual shape, like cube, megatama, or triangle.
Small crochet hook (Susan Bates #13 works), Threader (dental floss threaders work well, or the Beadalon threaders we carry), Yarn needle for seaming and darning in ends, Stitch markers.
Includes: Handout.
Skills learned: Knitting with beads, Hand felting.

Aquitaine Beaded Cuffs
This class is a virtual cornucopia of beading techniques in knitting. The Aquitaine Cuff is an elegant piece with a heavily beaded hand covering that includes ruffles, lace and twisted stitches, and a slim, ribbed cuff that can be wrist or elbow length. The overall effect is Victorian charm. Up to four different beads are used and many design options are given from simple to complex. Students are encouraged to make their own modifications for a completely unique work of art!
Saturday, March 26. 3:30 – 6:30 pm
With Sivia Harding
Materials: Yarn 400 yards sock or fingering weight yarn in a light solid or semi solid colorway, Beads for
small (medium, large) size: option 1 – color A, 42 (48, 54) beads; color B, 112 (128, 144) beads; color C, 28, (32, 36) beads; color D, 28 beads. Option 2 – Use only
colors A and B. Option 3 – Use one bead color for all types of beads, 210 (232, 254) beads. Also, a crochet hook, US 13 or 14 (0.6 mm or 0.75 mm), stitch markers, 2.25 (US 1) set of 4 double pointed needles OR 2 circular needles OR 1 long circular needle.
Skills learned: Knitting with beads.

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