chunky monkey

donegal tweed chunky

when i first started knitting in earnest, i dove headfirst into the super-chunky-yarn insanity that lures so many new knitters. not that there’s anything wrong with big-needle-knitting, but i haven’t been doing much of it lately. there was quite a trend in the knitting world for a while – knitters all over the world were tripping over each other to get their hands on thick yarn and big ole’ broomstick-looking needles, making thick, gorgeous scarves. i was one of them – i loved chunky knitting, i loved size 17 needles, i loved humongous yarn. then i got slapped across the face with the sock-knitting craze, the shawl craze, the teensy-weensy needle craze.

dt chunky basketweave

this most recent swatch has turned me back on to chunky knitting. not as the all-consuming addiction that it once was, but as a welcome respite from cramped hands and microscopic needles. i had forgotten how gratifying practically-instant knitting could be, and i look forward to doing more of it in the near future.

this swatch is knit on debbie bliss donegal tweed chunky, and i’m thinking 2 or 3 skeins will make a fabulous scarf come next winter.

we have been working like mad-crazy fools on the shop, too, and will post about the happenings soon…