‘Cause Knowledge is Power!

We’ve got a handful of snazzyexcellent classes coming up very soon!

Learn to Crochet: This very Thursday (August 19) Elaine Marcus will be teaching an introduction to crochet class. Learn all the basics and walk away with the ability to make an adorable crocheted flower. The class is aimed at the brand-new crocheter, and even if you’re a die-hard knitter, learning to crochet can be super helpful and open up a whole new world of edgings and projects! The class is 5-8pm and costs $30, plus a $5 materials fee payable to the teacher. You’ll need a Susan Bates size h Quicksilver crochet hook; yarn will be provided.

Continental Workshop: Learn a new method of knitting! Continental knitters (as opposed to English knitters) hold their yarn in their left hand and “pick” the yarn with the needle instead of “throwing” it. (For some people, it’s faster… I learned this way and I love it!) Michelle Molis will show you how the other half lives on August 21st, from 1-3pm. The class is $20 and you’ll need worsted weight yarn and needles to match. Cast on about 40 stitches before class and work about 2 inches before you come in- it’s easier to start a few rows in.

Introduction to Lace: Michelle Molis will teach you the basics of lace with her insanely popular Japanese Vines Scarf pattern. The class is on August 28th, from 3:30- 5:30pm, and costs $20. You’ll need about 100g of a fingering weight yarn (a solid, not-too-dark color is best), size US 3 needles, stitch markers, and a darning needle. Please bring a swatch or sample of your knitting to class.

For more information or to sign up for a class, email us at class@twistedpdx.com or call us at 503-922-1150