Bye-bye, Birdie. Errr…Alex.

I can’t believe this snuck up on us like this, but this is our dear sweet Alex‘s last week at Twisted! She’s abandoning us to move closer to family, back to the Midwest. She’s working Friday night and all day Saturday, so if you want to stop in and say goodbye, those are the days to do it. She and her man are hitting the road early in the week, for a road-trip adventure across the US.

We sure are going to miss her, but don’t worry, because we will stay connected. We’ll still have all of her patterns, as they come out, and hopefully, she’ll visit once in a while!

Thanks, Alex, for everything you have brought to Twisted. Your talent and sharp wit have been welcome ’round these parts. Your class round-up posts are da’ bomb; your handspun is gorgeous, your designs devine…we heart you, Alex, and we sure will miss you!