Brooklyn Tweed Wool People 13 Trunk Show

Brooklyn Tweed Wool People 13 Trunk Show
Wool People is an ongoing project by Brooklyn Tweed to bring in outside designers. By bringing in new ideas, they create and highlight their yarns in new ways! Drop in to see this collection of beautiful pieces and pick up some yarn for yourself to get started on a new project. This collection will be here until July 21.
From left to right, Bract, Cornus, and Culm.
From left to right, Ensata Hat and Ensata Scarf & Cowl.
From left to right, Freshnet, Kame, and Laceleaf.
From left to right, Newel, Osier, and Pitch.
From left to right, Runnel Scarf & Cowl and Seamark.
All photos © Brooklyn Tweed/Jared Flood