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Stowaway Magnetic Cuffs

A clean, minimalist, solid stainless steel cuff. Simple and understated, it looks great on everyone. So, why is it called Stowaway?

This cuff is magnetic! You can use it to hold any number of things: paperclips, screws, nails, pins, drill bits, etc. Of course, we'll be using it for stitch marker, darning needles, t-pins, and the like!

stowaway cuff with darning needlestowaway cuff with stitch markerstowaway cuff on arm

Wrist Rulers

Never be without a ruler again! Produced in small batches in Portland, Oregon, each leather Wrist Ruler Bracelet is engraved with inch and centimeter measurements and is individually numbered on the inside.

Bracelets come in six lengths, as well as four traditional leather colors and eleven dyed colors.

hot pink wrist rulerred wrist rulerorange wrist rulershamrock wrist rulerteal wrist rulerbaby blue wrist rulerblue wrist rulernavy wrist rulerplum wrist rulernatural wrist rulertaupe wrist rulergrey wrist rulermedium brown wrist rulerdark brown wrist rulerblack wrist ruler

Figure out your size by watching our how-to video HERE!