Boxes and boxes

Just want to let you all know that it has been quite the week for big boxes of amazing yarn showing up at Twisted. Must be because our smallest staff member is turning one tomorrow!

Have you been dying to getcher bling on? Because we now have oodles of Dream in Color Starry to quench that thirst for something glamorous…

And, for those of you who can’t get enough of the crack that goes by the name of Malabrigo, I don’t even know how many boxes of that amazing stuff we got. There was a fair bit of sock, some Twist, a bit of Lace, Chunky, and, oh, yeah….oodles of Worsted! Yippie! (Also, I don’t know if I told you guys this yet, but we have Rasta. Rasta is heavenly. Rasta is FAT. Rasta makes me very very happy).

It is making its way to the shelves. Potentially to your stash, if you play your cards right.