Book worms rejoice

Knitting books are the ultimate, aren’t they?

To start with, they combine two of my personal addictions, knitting and books. Then there are all the gorgeous photos, enticing projects to plot, new techniques to learn…
Wall of books
Anyway, we have some great new titles here at Twisted that we wanted to share:

Son of a Stitch and BitchSon of a Stitch and Bitch, by Debbie Stoeller. The new book of 45 mens’ patterns by the incomparable author of Stitch and Bitch. Debbie Stoller knows that at least half the projects women knit are intended for the men in their lives. She also knows that knitting
for a boyfriend or husband or father is full of pitfalls. The answer Son of Stitch ‘N Bitch, the hip, smart knitter’s guide to knitting for men.

Knitting little luxuries
Knitting Little Luxuries by Louisa Harding. Pamper yourself and your friends with luxurious knitted gifts that can be made in no time. From a sumptuous striped cloche hat to a sophisticated wrap with delicate embroidery to fingerless mittens with lace edging, these quick-and-easy projects are stylish, luxurious, use small amounts of yarn, and can be created by even the novice knitter.

Treasury of Knitting PatternsBarbara Walker Books, including the complete set of her Treasury of Knitting Patterns series, Mosaic Knitting, Knitting from the Top. Absolutely essential!

Knitting WorkshopElizabeth Zimmermann and Meg Swansen books from Schoolhouse Press, including the Spun Out Designs newsletters. Again, absolutely essential books for the hard core knitter.