Book Review: Socks from the Toe Up

Wendy wrote another book, and this one’s about TOE UP SOCKS! Did you all know that I, Shannon Squire, LOVE TOE UP SOCKS? That I have made one pair of cuff-down socks in the past 2 and a half years, and that that is out of at least 50 pairs of socks? So, whenever I see that toe-up socks are getting their due, I rejoice.

wendysbook.jpgAnd this book is something to rejoice about, for sure. Setting aside the fact that there are 20 amazing toe-up sock patterns, ranging from simple lace to twisty cables, the overview of toe-up sock techniques is well worth the investment. Wendy is kinda the toe-up queen of the internets, and I for one am superduper glad she decide to write this book. She covers tools, tips, toes, heels, cast ons, cast offs, you need it for toe-up sock knitting, Wendy covers it in this book. So, come and grab one at Twisted, and welcome to my world, the wonderful, wacky world of toe-up sock knitting.