Blog upgrades!

Hi guys. I’m going to totally geek out on you for just a second. Be forewarned.

I’ve made a few upgrades to the blog and thought you might want to take a look. They’re small, but hopefully will make things easier to use and navigate for you all. If you see any problems in your browser, please let me know by commenting or sending us an email!
Archives and Categories Menus – The sidebar links for Archives and Categories are now drop down menus instead of those mile long lists. So tidy! Appeals to my type A nature. And they show the number of relevant posts.

rssRSS Feed – There’s now an adorable widget at the bottom of the sidebar so you can get our RSS feed in any format your little heart desires. Never miss a blog update again!

resultsResults Page – The results page for all searches, including bringing up lists of posts in a certain month or in a certain category is much better organized, not to mention functional, now.

Share/Save Posts – At the bottom of blog posts there’s now a wee button so you can share our thoughts straight to Twitter or Facebook or Digg or Evernote or email… or tons of other options. The better to Twisted-ize your life!