Black Trillium Fibre Studios roving bonanza!

Attention all you spinners out there, we have just received an order of INSANE hand painted roving from Melanie at Black Trillium Fibre Studios.

And it is heart stoppingly gorgeous. People were literally swooning and squealing when the box opened up! Caution: the faint of heart may weep.

The 4 oz braids are available in Merino ($14.50), Merino/Bamboo ($20.00), Superwash BFL ($16.00), and Superwash Merino ($17.00).

Individual photos of the Black Trillium Fibre Studios roving colors we have aren’t up on our web store yet, unfortunately… Christmas insanity – too much to do and too little time to do even our most favorit-est tasks for our most favorit-est people (like Melanie)! But please give us a call or stop by to take a look at these lovely, lovely works of art!

Here’s a little taste…