Black Sheep Looms


Woven wall-hangings seem to be everywhere right now. And as it turns out, they are a great way to bust through some of that stash. What stash? I know. Me, too. Let’s not speak of it. However, should you stumble upon partial skeins of yarn, or have those single skeins you just don’t know what else to do with… weaving might be the answer.

Twisted has long offered a rigid heddle weaving class, teaching the more formal craft of weaving. While this is a great option for some, it might not be as accessible for others. Some of us are prone to needing instant gratification projects, and this time of year– the last-minute holiday gift.

People, meet the Black Sheep Goods Pop-Out Loom.


I gave it test ride this week, and found it really satisfying. You can create something as simple or as creative as suits you. It comes with a great instruction manual, with photos on a few different weaving techniques. From there, the world is your oyster, er, tapestry.

First of all, this whole loom is so clever. The pieces pop out out, and just like that– you are ready to begin warping your loom.


Each loom comes with five mini skeins of worsted weight yarn. Just think of this as your practice run. The real fun begins when you bust out that stash. The Knitted Wit Gobstoppers would also be a great addition for pops of color.

Once you have warped the loom, you are ready to get creative. Really, the possibilities are endless.

It was quick and really satisfying. It’s great for gift-making, but would also make a great gift for just about any crafty person.