Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter. We stand today and every day with our Black friends, neighbors, and family members. We see you, we hear you, we mourn with you, we fight for change with you. ⁠

As an LYS, we focused on creating a safe, inclusive, anti-racist space via in-person interactions. Now, as an online-only business, our opportunity to express our beliefs and create an anti-racist space is also largely online.⁠ ⁠

Each day this week, we'll be posting about a group that Twisted is donating to. We encourage you to learn more about these organizations and their missions to address aspects of systemic racism in America. If you're able, we hope you'll consider donating, as well.⁠ ⁠

Today we are supporting the Official George Floyd Memorial Fund. This directly benefits the family of Mr. Floyd in their bereavement and quest for justice. If you can't send money right now, the GoFundMe page includes an address where you can mail sympathy cards.⁠

Public comments will shut off for these upcoming posts on social media because our values are not up for discussion. Our goal is to send eyes and brains and hands to places where they can learn more and do more good than waxing pro or con on one small yarn store saying it's not ok to horribly murder people.

We welcome you to read our Diversity and Inclusivity Statement and contact us.

* Edited 6/1 1:30pm to clarify that it is our opportunity to communicate that is now largely online. Every action every day must reflect this commitment.