Beautiful Top Down Sweaters

We’re very excited to have Elizabeth Doherty, author of Top Down: Reimagining Set-In Sleeve Design, coming to Twisted! Elizabeth will be here for 2 wonderful workshops in focused on her innovative method.

Top Down Set-in Sleeves Workshops
Saturday, October 1 from 10:30am-5:30pm OR Sunday, October 2 from 10:30am-5:30pm
$150 – includes lunch
For more information, visit our website, give us a call (503 922 1150) or drop in!

Elizabeth’s technique creates wonderfully well tailored sweaters, the kind you’ll reach for again and again. To give an idea of how lovely the sweaters from her book are in real life, I’ve rounded up a few projects from the world-wide community of knitters on Ravelry to share (with their kind permission). Follow the links, and you’ll find even more information on their projects.           MissClare(themistwitch)         Claredon.katieemma

From left to right: Clarendon, themistwitch’s Miss Clare, and katieemma’s Clarendon           Copperplate.catonmylap         Copperplate.barbiemae.jpg

From left to right: Copperplate, catonmylap’s Copperplate, and barbiemae’s Copperplate         LaceLT.Meris          Bucks54.Meris

From left to right: Meris, LaceLT’s Meris, and bucks54’s Meris         YT001.serif           duelmint.serif

From left to right: Serif, YT001’s Serif, and duelmint’s Black Serif          hookedupknits.sanserif          emacs.sanserif

From left to right: Sans Serif, hookedupknit’s Sans Serif, and emac’s Sans Serif Fun           Wali76.Underwood

Finally, Underwood, and Wali76’s Underwood – love the variegated version.

A big thank you to all the Ravelers for sharing their amazing work with us! I hope they’ve inspired you to start plotting your own versions of Elizabeth’s charming designs. October’s Workshops are filling up fast, so sign up today!

All photos from the book are the copyright of Pam Allen. All other photos are property of the Raveler whose project is represented.