Beaded Stitch Marker Class

Instructions: Place marker to indicate beginning of the round.

Knitter: “Where did I last see stitch markers? I swear I had some here somewhere…”

gnomeStitch markers are essential tools of the trade, but gosh darn it if they aren’t slippery little devils. It doesn’t matter how many you start with, you’re guaranteed to end the project with less. Where do they go? The same place as pen caps, single athletic socks, and your favorite swimsuit bottoms. Carried off by little gnomes in the night.

In any event, all this is to say that everyone always needs more stitch markers! And what could be more fun that making your own gorgeous beaded ones? It’s not that hard and a ton of fun too! Give a knitter a stitch marker and she marks for a day… teach her to make her own and she marks for a lifetime! Silverpurl has new beaded stitch marker kits with everything you need – supplies, tools and instructions. Yay!

Karie Galvin’s Beaded Stitch Marker Class is on Sunday, February 28th from 10:30 to 12:30 PM and costs only $20. Call us or stop by to sign up!