Ashford Winders & Swifts

ashford winder

Give your yarn the star treatment it deserves! Ashford's stunning hardwood ball winders and swifts turn winding your yarn into a luxurious experience.

Artfully crafted in New Zealand, these beautiful tools are also the highest quality, made to last for years. Ashford's electric winder is what we use (all day every day) in our warehouse, and (this is 100% true) we accidentally dropped it on the floor while writing this very newsletter - and it still works! That is definitely not recommended, but sure shows one reason we're so happy with this winder. ;)

We've sold out quickly each time we're able to restock these gems, and are stoked to have them back in stock at the moment. Take a peek - your yarn will thank you!

Ashford Manual Ball Winder

Manual Ball Winder

Ashford Electric Ball Winder

Electric Ball Winder

Ashford Wooden Swift

Umbrella Swift

Ashford Extra Drive Bands and O-Ring Sets

Extra Drive Band and O-Ring Sets

Ashford Winder Replacement Knob

Replacement Knob for Swift

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