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all the way from new zealand, a new line

new zealand has always had this beautiful mystique for me. when s and i were first together, we took a trip to mexico on the green tortoise, and met some folks from “down under;” new zealand and australia. oh, the stories they told. the new zealand accent is fabulous – the girl we met from there was 2 cute 4 color tv, AND the lord of the rings trilogies were filmed there. it is also one of the least-corrupt countries in the world, according to transparency international. there are, at best guess, 10 sheep per person in new zealand. the word ‘kiwi’ can refer to the bird, the fruit, the new zealand dollar, or new zealanders themselves. add those stats to the fact that we twisted chicks have been searching for even more alternative fibers and unique yarn lines to add to our repertoire (which includes louet linen, bamboo, swtc soy & corn, and loads of indie dyers), and a chance meeting with a yarn rep, and we have a new line of yarns.

zealana-wall.jpgzealana is a line of merino wool blends from new zealand. we’ve got the dk/worsted and the chunky in each of their four blends:

1. 100% merino wool
2. 80% merino/20% alpaca
3. 80% merino/20% cashmere
4. 80% merino/20% delaka

surprisingly, all zealana yarns can be washed in the washing machine. dried, too, according to our rep, and we saw the proof, but really want to swatch and wash ourselves, just to make sure. the colors are vibrant and lovely, and we will be receiving the accompanying pattern line real soon.

come on in and check them out – it is, after all, almost sweater season.

p.s. tonight is movie night – call the shop to find out what’s playing – 503.922.1150

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