Absolutely DeVine

Hazel is superduper excited, crafty folk, because we just received TWO BOXES of Blue Moon yarns! No Socks that Rock just yet, butbutbut…We’ve got Geisha (a lace-to-fingering mohair-silk-nylon blend, 995 hand-dyed yards for $48.50), we’ve got Peru (a light-worsted silk-alpaca-merino blend 500 hand-dyed yards for $40.50), and we’ve got…



DeVine is a bulky-weight 100% merino wool, and I call it Socks that Rock, all grown-up. Because it is. It’s amazingly fabulous stuff, and is 225 yards of chunky hand-dyed goodness for $42.00.


As you can see, Hazel LOVES it, and has decided she MUST learn to knit, so she can make herself something fabulous out of the divine DeVine.