A New Year at Twisted

Hey, everyone! We are back, stronger than ever (anyone know what song that’s from? and who sang it? blast from the past!), and ready to meet all of your yarn-y and crafty needs here at Twisted. Everyone is rested, happy, and ready to help you figure out what you NEED to make in 2009. We’ve received many MANY boxes of NEWNEWNEW stuff in the last week or so, and are super-excited to share it with you all.

2008 was our first full year open, and boy, did we have fun. Thanks to each and every one of you for being friends, partners-in-knitting, and fabulous customers. We are so looking forward to 2009, to getting to know you and your projects better, to trying out our newest yarns with you, and to creating even more unique and lovely projects.

To begin 2009 in the yarny-est way possible, we’d like to give you a sneak preview of some exciting things we have right now, on the shelves, at Twisted. This is fully intended to help you start the New Year off with a bang (maybe not as big a bang as my neighbors and their thousand years of fireworks last night, but a nice big bang nonetheless):

Malabrigo. Five boxes. Mostly worsted. Wide range of colors. Both uber-variegated and subtly-solid. Soft, warm, fluffy, addictive. You know you need a Malabrigo cowl, fingerless mitts, a hat, a sweater, just a skein to drape around your neck…


Dream in Color Classy. The new colors. Semi-solids. Deep and rich. Absolute Magenta. Bermuda Teal. Black Pearl. Cinnamon Girl. Crying Dove. Gold Experience. Grey Tabby. Purple Rain. Romeo Blue. Shiny Moss. Tea Party.


Tomorrow – NEW SOCK YARN!!!