a craft for every person

as we practice the fine art of patience, emily and i have had a little time to reflect on our crafting lives, and to explore just a bit more fully the path, and crafts, that have lead us to where we are today.

crafting has always been in my blood, and, as my mom says, i come by it honestly. my family has always been the crafty sort – for many years, my parents spearheaded a home-made christmas present for every attendee of our family christmas party (not a small feat, as my mother has seven siblings, and i have at least 30 cousins, all younger than me). many of the projects were made from wood, and all required a great deal of work, from creating patterns, to cutting, sanding, assembling, and painting. growing up with a stay-at-home mother also inspired my craftiness, as well as having a paternal grandmother who was a whiz at sewing and quilting.

i have long tried to get my husband crafting. years ago, i taught him knitting. it didn’t stick. he loves my knitting; he wears socks i have made him almost every single day, and in the winter, is never without one of his handknitted hats; he has been begging me to make him a sweater for years, but there has never been a strong desire on his part to take part in any craftiness of his own. his creative endeavors are of a more literary sort. so imagine how surprised i was when, when getting ready to iron on some of jenny harts fab designs, he said to me “i think i might like embroidery.”

we quickly found the perfect pattern for him: a race-car complete with speed-flames shooting out from behind, and he got to work. you know what people say about the speed with which men pick up crafts? i am here to tell you that it is a true story. his embroidery is pretty freaking tight, yo. he’s doing some amazing things with the colors, and the textures…i am so very proud. my dear sister also got the embroidery bug – stop by the shop when it’s open and both will be proudly on display. a few weeks ago, we three spent the weekend embroidering together. what a fabulous thing. mine was a decemberists pattern, j did a bowling bettie, and s the race-car.