Seedling Sampler

Seedling Sampler

Designed by Sarah Pope

Version 1 – 6/1/2009
Originally published as part of the Single Skein Club.

Version 2 – 8/24/2015
Updated to include four sizes (scarf, stole, shawl, and cowl) and to use either fingering or lace weight yarn.

Version 2.1 – 9/4/2015
Updated row gauge, yardage, length, and number of repeats of some motifs in some versions.

Version 2.2 – 12/18/2015
Page 2:
* cowl yardage
* cowl bead requirements
Page 4:
* Dewdrop Lace motif _written_ rows 2, 5, & 7 were incorrect; chart was correct
Page 5:
* thread bead instructions now specify to co ALL beads for cowl
* Fountain Lace total repeats for cowl is 22~21 (12 more than scarf for either weight)
* Dewdrop Lace section now has no difference between scarf and cowl
Page 6:
* Finishing section clarified for both scarf and cowl