Sweater Knitter’s Rejoice!

With all this beautiful, blustery, Autumn weather, Sweater Season is undeniably here. It’s our favorite time of year at Twisted, and we’re all plotting warm, cozy projects with our irresistible new yarns.Heirloom.Romney

It doesn’t matter if you are ready for your very first sweater or have been a sweater knitter since forever, we have a fabulous program of lectures for you! Mer Steven’s Sweater Semester starts again Sunday, November 15. These classes are designed with the idea that knitting experience is meant to be shared so that we all have a better chance of finding true love with our finished objects.

Because we’re so excited about this program, we’re offering an amazing deal to anyone purchasing a sweater’s worth of yarn – 50% off any one class in the Sweater Semester series!

(Knitters must purchase at least 800yds of yarn with the intention of turning it into a sweater, then redeem their receipt when they sign up for a Sweater Semester class to receive the discount. Of course, you can also sign up the same day and apply your discount immediately.)


There are four lectures, each focused on a different aspect of sweater consideration. You can sign up for just one or two that inspire you, though we do recommend taking the whole course for best results. Each includes time for questions and discussion, and students are encouraged to share their experiences.

Part 1: Methods of Construction – Sunday November 15, from 10:30-11:30am.

Everything you need to know about the major types of sweater architecture, what kinds of sweaters they create, and why some types may work better for individuals than others.

Part 2: Fit, Ease & Flattering A Figure-
Sunday, November 22, from 10:30-11:30am.
Sweater Semester part 2

Of all the worries knitters have when they’re planning projects, fit and shape are the absolute biggest. Twisted believes we all deserve beautiful sweaters that make us feel stunning, no matter our size or age. This lecture discusses what fit and ease mean, and how they can be used to create flattering, comfortable sweaters.

Part 3: Fiber Choice & Garment Outcome-
Sunday, November 29, from 10:30-11:30am.

This class is full of great information for knitters of all projects! Learn how different fibers and types of yarn effect the finished knit of garments.

Part 4: Modifying A Pattern – Sunday, December 6, from 10:30-11:30am.

Unlock the puzzles of knitting patterns with this class. Learn how to use the yarn and gauge of your choice to make the patterns you want, and alter details to suit your own style!