Ann Budd – An Interview with Our Latest Guest Teacher!

It’s almost time! Ann Budd will be teaching two classes at Twisted on Friday, November 6th. We’re all very excited to host this acclaimed teacher, designer, author, and editor. I was lucky enough to get a small interview from Ann. Her answers remind us that knitting elegantly combines science, pragmatism, and pleasure.


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– I love that many of your books free the knitter from having to use specific yarns and sizing, allowing us more project control as well as room for creative fun! What drove you to develop your wonderful formulas for knitting? 


“I worked at a yarn shop back in the early ’80s and a customer brought in a pamphlet (it was only 4 pages) that gave instructions for a simple pullover at multiple sizes. The instructions were laid out in a chart form because there were so many sizes that it would be difficult to remember which one to follow. Later, when I was working for Interweave Knits magazine, I remembered that pamphlet and thought that it would be cool to add multiple gauges as well. The Grand Plan Mitten chart was published in the magazine in the early 90s and, as they say, the rest is history.”

– Do you have a knitting philosophy? If so, how does it guide your design process?

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 “I try to design garments/projects that are relatively simple to knit but look like more effort was put into them. I consider myself more of an engineer than a designer (must be that Master’s degree in Geology) and am always trying to figure out an easy way to get a certain effect. My philosophy is one that I got from Nancy Bush: If the thought ever crosses my mind that I might want to rip out while designing, I shouldn’t waste time trying to make it right; instead I should just rip out.”


– Is there one thing you wish you had been told when you started knitting, or that you would like to impart beginning knitters or designers? 

“Most beginning knitters are told to start with inexpensive yarn and a very simple pattern. I think it’s much more important that beginning knitters choose yarn they love and a project they really want. That will keep them motivated to finish.”

– Do you have a favorite kind of project to work on? 

“That’s a difficult question. I’ve knitted all sorts of projects and have enjoyed them all. You might say that the project I’m currently working on is my favorite. That said, I typically gravitate to textured patterns over color-work patterns. ”

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Shadow Knitting – Now You See It, Now You Don’t!

Friday, November 6th from 2pm-5pmshadow knitting budd

Shadow knitting is an ingenious knitting method which creates patterns that appear as simple stripes at some angles and as distinct motifs when viewed at other angles. Cool, right? Also called Japanese fine knitting and optical knitting, shadow knitting is the term introduced by Vivian Høxbro to describe this clever technique. Purl ridges define a pattern on a two-color striped stockinette-stitch background. The right-side ridges cast a “shadow” pattern that comes and goes depending on the angle at which it is viewed. When seen straight on, the fabric resembles simple two-row stripes. When observed at an angle, the garter ridges predominate and a different pattern is visible. Learn this ingenious technique with Ann’s guidance and unlock the possibilities!

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Introduction to Sweater Design – Tools For Every Knitter

Friday, November 6 from 6pm-9pmSweater Design

Every knitter should understand the basics of knitwear design, even if you never intend to write a pattern. Why? Knitwear designers use gauge and body measurements to create the perfect fit in a sweater, hat, or other knitted piece.

In this workshop, you’ll learn the magical formulas that will allow you design your own garments AND adjust existing ones with ease! No more puzzling over how to increase or decrease evenly in a single row or gradually over many rows—you’ll have the answers in moments! You’ll also learn valuable tips and trick that simplify the knitting and finishing process.

Space is limited – sign up now!

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