Cable Class Coming Soon!

cabled hat

Cables. Since the dawn of time, mankind has wondered “What ARE cables? How are they made, and what can they for do me?”

Wonder no longer, grasshopper. ‘Cause Parna’s ’bout to lay it all down real nice.

Cables Workshop
$20 With Parna Mehrbani
Learn to knit cables! This class will cover both the actual knitting techniques and how to read those crazy-looking cable charts. (If you have a pattern you’d like to try, feel free to bring it with you, and we’ll cover it if we have time). This class does not cover a particular project involving cables, but we will swatch to learn cabling techniques and experiment with various cables.
Date/Time: Saturday, November 3. 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm
Materials: light colored worsted weight yarn and  needles to match.

Want to hit your brain with a sweet shot of this knowledge? Drop by the shop, give us a call at 503-922-1150 or email us at to sign up or get more info. Check out our full class and events list here.