Do you struggle with getting photos of your projects that look great?  Are the colors always a bit off?  Join our very own photographer Vivian to learn how to take fantastic photos worthy of all the work you put into your craft…so you can show it off on all the social media sites!

PhotoCrafting: A handcrafter’s approach to photography

$60 with Vivian Aubrey

This two-day workshop takes participants through the process of creating clear, dynamic single-subject photographs. Rather than focusing solely on the technical aspects of photography, this class moves quickly into learning how to use light as your creative medium and training your eye to compose interesting pictures with depth and richness of detail. Since creativity and hands-on practice will be the main focus of our class time, it is highly recommended for students to already be conversant in the basics of managing their camera settings.
Date/Time: Sunday, Oct 28 & Nov 4; 9 am-12 pm
Homework: bring three of your images (on your camera or thumb drive or disk) for group workshopping.
Materials: camera (digital preferable), card reader or USB cord for uploading photos, three images of an object/subject (i.e. not a landscape or abstract photo)

Interested? To sign up, email us at or call 503-922-1150. Check out our full class and events list here.



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  1. I so wish I can be there for the class with fabulous Vivian. Sadly, it’s my older teen’s performing season…maybe there will be another one in the spring? Have a blast.

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