Eek- what’s a Steek?

Do you consider yourself a fairly accomplished knitter that has seen patterns requiring steeking (cutting – yes, you read that right – cutting into your knitting only to sew it up?). Michele has developed this delightful scarf pattern in which you can learn how to steek. Knitting the main scarf has to be done before class. So come on into Twisted, sign up for the class and get those needles going!

Steek this!

with Michele Bernstein

Get moral support for cutting your first steek. (A steek is a bridge of waste knitting in your stranded circular knitting that will be cut so the piece can be flat. The advantage is that you can knit in the round with two colors, and the right side of the work always faces you. No purling back, no tangles!) We’ll crochet the steek reinforcement, cut (!) the steek, and pick up and begin the ruffle. You do not need to know how to crochet before you take this class.

Date/Time: Monday, November 26; 6-8 pm

Materials: Two coordinating colors of worsted weight yarn, one variegated and one solid or semi-solid. US size 8 24 inch circular, crochet hook 2-3 sizes smaller.

Homework: Please complete all the knitting before class. Class time will be devoted to reinforcing and cutting the steek, and picking up the ruffle edge.

Includes: Original Michele Bernstein Ruffle Kerfuffle Scarf pattern

Skills learned: Single crochet to reinforce steek, cutting and securing a steek.