Peek-a-boots Contest Winner

Yay for Lesley, our Peekaboots contest winner! She was only ONE GUMBALL OFF! We don’t know who’s more excited about this prize, Leslie, who has these saucy boots, or the kids in her neighborhood, who are soon to be indulging in very many (1028, to be exact) gumballs! Get your own peekaboots and have as much fun as Lesley did when she tried hers on for us.


As most of you know or have figured out, I am a HUGE NERD. Put a data set in front of me and I can’t help but analyze it… This isn’t terribly scientific, but it is hella interesting.


The take home message is that the average person appears to underestimate how many gumballs fit in a knee high boot. Whether this is the result of overestimating the size of gumballs or underestimating the size of boots my data don’t allow me to speculate upon. Further research is necessary. If only I knew some social scientists.

In any event: congrats, Lesley!