45° North

We are super duper excited to share this news with you all: Twisted has our own yarn line! We’ve partnered with Melanie from Black Trillium Fibre Studios to create a fairly solid line of fingering-weight yarn. It’s available in 2 put-ups: 100 grams and 50 grams. Great for colorwork and large projects (one customer already snagged a bunch of colors to make a Babette Blanket!)

Why 45° North? Well, because that’s Oregon’s latitude (relatively)! The yarn is inspired by this fantastic state we live in, Oregon. We have 25 colors to start, and have plans to expand the line already. Hanging on our sock yarn wall, it’s really the most beautiful sight. What a collaborative effort! We worked with Melanie to come up with the perfect colors (you should have seen the fantastic bag of mini skeins she provided for us to choose from – oooh, lala, that girl has an EYE for color!), Vivian and Emily named all of the colors and Vivian designed the gorgeous logo. The whole crew brainstormed a name for the yarn, and everyone has been consulting on the tag design and display. Marcia shot the stunning photos, and now we are pleased to share the fruits of our labor with you, our customers.

2 thoughts on “45° North

  1. How exciting!! I’m already in love with Melanie’s yarn and I can wait to see what this new line is like 🙂

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