A Kiss on the Hand May Be Quite Continental…

…but Addi’s are a girl’s best friiiieeenddd! (What? That’s how it goes.)


It is rumored that Continental knitting (wherein you hold the yarn with your left hand instead of right, and “pick” the yarn with the needle instead of “throwing” it with your hand) is faster and maybe even a little more comfortable than the right-handed English style. Care to find out for yourself?

Continental Knitting Workshop
$20 With Michelle Molis
See how the other half lives: knit holding the yarn in your left hand and “picking” instead of “throwing.”
Date/Time: Sunday, Feb 19, 3-5pm
Materials – either bring your own or before/during class get 20% off on: One skein of worsted weight yarn and one set of needles to match.
Homework: Bring to class work on the needles measuring about 40 stitches wide and 2” long.
Skills learned: Continental knitting

Interested? Give us a ring at the shop (503-922-1150) or contact us via good old fashioned electronic mail at class@twistedpdx.com! Or, of course, drop on by!