Twisted Gift Guide – Big Ticket Items

If you are still searching for the absolute perfect gift for that special crafty person in your life, look no further, because Twisted has you covered, for all of your crafting needs. We have small things, medium things, big things, and ginormous things…we’ll highlight all of the items on our fantastic Gift Guide over the next few days, so pay close attention. Today, we begin with BIG TICKET ITEMS!! These are mostly spinning and weaving items, and will help your fantastic crafter with her or his forays into even more fiber arts. We’ve had a few customers take advantage of our relationship with Schacht already and order Flip Looms and Sidekick wheels, and we’ve heard rave reviews. Did you know that you can use some of that gorgeous stash you don’t know what to do with to weave? In fact, Vivian just completed her first weaving project, a stunning scarf in Malabrigo’s Rios, and I’ll tell you what – if Astrid was only a little bit older, I’d be all over weaving this holiday season!

Ladybug Spinning Wheel

The Ladybug Spinning Wheel is friendly to entry-level spinners, easy to treadle, easy to take with you, and…as cute as a bug! The Ladybug has the characteristic solid Schacht construction and its unique design is both functional and charming. $575.

Sidekick Spinning Wheel

The Sidekick is Schacht’s newest spinning wheel. She’s designed to fold easily, yet be a solid spinner. $785.


Flip the Folding Loom (various sizes)

Flip, Schacht’s folding rigid heddle loom, is comfortable, compact, sturdy, and a pleasure to weave on. Designed for high performance, this loom folds in a jiffy for storage or transport. $240-$280.