Schacht Attack!

Didja know that Twisted now carries Schacht products? We have Cricket Looms and Ladybug Wheels in the shop right now, and can get Flip Looms and other spinning wheels for anyone. It’s super duper exciting! They are a great company to work with, and their wheels and looms are proudly made in the USA. We have a couple of Ladybugs in the shop, so you can try one out AND take one home, if you’d like, and a Sidekick is on the way. We also have a Cricket or two jumping around, and can get smaller looms in just a short period of time. Anything they carry, we can order for you.

Ladybug Spinning Wheel

The Ladybug Spinning Wheel is friendly to entry-level spinners, easy to treadle, easy to take with you, and…as cute as a bug! The Ladybug has the characteristic solid Schacht construction and its unique design is both functional and charming.Designed-in carrying handles in the legs and light weight make the Ladybug easy to pick up and transport. An optional attached tensioned Lazy Kate integrates into the front leg and makes it easy to take along, too!

The Ladybug Spinning Wheel uses Scotch tension, and can also be used in double drive mode. The Ladybug comes with medium and fast flyer whorls; the slow and high speed whorls can also be used for a wide range of ratios.

Included with each Schacht Ladybug Spinning Wheel are a poly drive band, threading hook, three bobbins, medium and fast whorls, and double drive band. Each Ladybug Spinning Wheel is unique – somewhere on your wheel is your very own Ladybug pal. $575.

Sidekick Spinning Wheel

The Sidekick is Schacht’s newest spinning wheel. She’s designed to fold easily, yet be a solid spinner. Here are some of the Sidekick’s features:
*Folds to 21 1/2″ h x 8 1/4″ w x 15″ d.
*Integrated storage of bobbins, flyer, and whorls for transport.
*Lightweight at 13 pounds.
*13 3/4″ drive wheel allows for ratios from 4.25 to 15.25.
*Long, comfortable treadles.
*Uses the same bobbins, whorls, and flyer as the Schacht Matchless and Ladybug wheels.
*The Sidekick can be purchased without the bobbin-flyer assembly.
*25″ orifice height for comfortable spinning.
*Employs Scotch tension with precise control knob.
*The drive wheel spins on ball bearings. The flyer turns on self-aligning bearings.
*Drive band tension adjuster allows for all whorls to be used with one drive band.The Sidekick comes with 3 travel bobbins, fast and medium whorls, threading hook, and adjustable carrying strap. $785.


Flip the Folding Loom (various sizes)

Flip, our folding rigid heddle loom, is comfortable, compact, sturdy, and a pleasure to weave on. Designed for high performance, this loom folds in a jiffy for storage or transport.Weave in comfort. Choose three different weaving modes: use the rear leg for hooking to a table edge, clamp it to a table for stand-up weaving, or install it on our convenient trestle stand. Warp in a flash.

With the Flip Bag, you can easily take Flip along with you. The bag is made of rugged poly canvas with reinforced stitching, carrying handles, shoulder strap, and handy pockets inside and out. Our unique, expandable design is a snap to use: zip out for 20″ or 25″ Flip looms; zip up for 15″.

Fine-toothed nylon ratchets provide precise tension control. The conveniently located heddle blocks on the sides of the loom hold the rigid heddle in the up, down, or neutral position. The heddle, available in 5, 8, 10 and 12 dents per inch, is made of durable ABS plastic, with large eyes and slots. Flip is ideal for plain weaves and pick-up patterns.

Flip is available in 15”, 20”, and 25” weaving widths, and includes a 5-, 8-, 10-, or 12-dent reed, warping peg, 2 shuttles, 2 clamps, threading hook, and complete warping and weaving instructions.
Shown with optional stand. $240-$280.

Schacht Cricket Loomcricket

The Cricket Loom is compact, capable and cute! At only 11″ x 18″ x 6″ and just under four pounds, it’s easy to take along. The ten inch weaving width gives plenty of room to make a variety of projects without sacrificing portability. The Cricket is made of high quality maple an apple ply and hard maple and left unfinished. As of April 2010, the Cricket has been redesigned with the ratchet gear and dog on the outside of the loom to make it even easier to adjust tension.The Cricket comes with an 8-dent reed (sorry, no substitutions). We also have 5-, 10- and 12-dent reeds. Included are a threading hook, warping peg, table clamps, two shuttles, and two balls of yarn. Our 10” pick-up stick is just the right width for the loom; additional 10” shuttles are also available. $145.