Buttonhole Workshop, Nov 20, 10-12

Buttons! You know you love ’em, but it turns out they need holes to go through. And those holes can be tricky little dudes. Luckily, Michelle Molis is here to save the day and take you on a tour of some of the common types of buttonholes, how to make them, and when to use them. Never shall your buttons escape through those ugly, saggy buttonholes again! Your buttonholes will be crisp and tidy as can be, and your buttons will bow to their authority.

The skinny:

Date/Time: Sunday, Nov 20, 10am-12pm

Materials: Worsted weight yarn (preferably light colored) and needles to match.

Price: $20

To get more info or sign up for a class, call the shop at 503.922.1150 or email us at class@twistedpdx.com! (Or, of course, you can always stop by!)

Don’t trust these guys. Sure, they may look cute, but they need the firm and loving guidance of a good buttonhole to truly reach their potential.