Upcoming Anne Berk Workshops! Zippers & Argyle

We’ve got more good stuff from Anne Berk for you guys! First up is a Zippers workshop, on October 31st (and what could be scarier than trying to sew a zipper into your sweater?? Luckily, I hear Anne knows all the tricks.)

Zipper Workshop
$20 With Anne Berk
We will learn how to sew a zipper by hand for a strong, clean, supple finish, using a method with
specific steps that give a great result, every time.
Date/Time: Monday, Oct 31, 6-8pm.
Materials: Two knitted swatches – of the same length, in which to insert your zipper. If you have a project that needs a zipper, this is the place to bring it. Bring yarn that matches your swatch in weight, to knit an edging, if needed. Zipper (preferably the same length as your knitted pieces, or a bit shorter,) sewing pins, sewing needle, scissors, thread that matches the color of your swatches, and thread that is a contrast color (for basting). Buttonhole thread is great, but any thread will do. Www.zipperstop.com is an excellent source for zippers, offering vast color range and customized lengths.

Then, for you adventurous knitters: coming up ’round early November we’ve got Argyle!! Just look at this stuff!


I tell ya, it makes my inner saucy-librarian squee with glee. (Hey, that rhymes.)

$60 With Anne Berk
Argyle’s not just for school girls and Scots anymore! The inimitable Anne Berk will walk you through this traditional and beloved stitch pattern, from history to technique. You’ll knit a child-size sample sock, working flat in the traditional manner- though more modern “argyle-in-the-round” methods will be discussed as well. This class does have a small amount of homework.
Date/Time: Wednesdays, Nov 9, 16, 23; 6-8pm
Materials: Several colors of smooth fingering weight/sock yarn- solid colors that contrast well are recommended. Size US 1 or 2 needles for working both flat and in the round (straights and dpns, or two sets of circulars, or any combination thereof that you’re comfortable with.)
Skills Learned: Traditional argyle knitting methods and techniques

So, want to blow your friends minds with a zip-up argyle cardigan? (Orrr…maybe just one or the other?) Hit us up! 503-922-1150 or class@twistedpdx.com.