More Hazel Knits!

In addition to Artisan Sock, Twisted now has three more bases from Seattle-based dyer Hazel Knits.  If you thought you were in love before… well, the romance will bloom anew.

hazel knits
hazel knits
hazel knits

DK Lively

With the same tight twist our Artisan Sock yarn is known for, Lively is a heavier weight with a noticeable sproingyness. 90% superwash merino and 10% nylon.  This yarn can be used for any project calling for a heavy DK or light worsted weight yarn. And since it is superwash, it’s perfect for quick baby knits!

Entice MCN

Entice is Hazel Knits newest base yarn, a luxurious blend of 70% merino, 20% cashmere and 10% nylon with Hazel Knits signature tight twist. Even softer than Artisan Sock, but has the same beautiful stitch definition and durability, Entice is perfect for next-to-the-face knits or those extra special socks.

Piquant Lite

With NINE tightly twisted plies, this fingering weight yarn has incredible stitch definition and durability. The 10% added nylon makes this an excellent choice for socks.