Tink, Drop, Frog – Oct 6, 6-8pm

To err is human. To fix it without ripping is divine.

Don’t be a sad little Vivian- learn to pick them suckers up!

Our ever-popular “Tink, Drop, Frog- How do I fix this?!?” class with Michele Bernstein returns this fall to help you sort out your knitting woes. You’ll learn to recognize common mistakes in your knitting, and fix them in the most painless way possible!

Date/Time: Thursday, Oct 6, 6-8pm

Materials: Bulky weight yarn (plain, light color preferable) and needles to match, crochet hook in size G, H or I.

Homework: Bring to class one flat swatch stockinette stitch swatch, knit in bulky weight yarn (light color preferable) on appropriately sized needles. 20 stitches, 16 rows. Leave on the needles.

Skills learned: picking up dropped stitches, unknitting stitch by stitch (tinking), tearing out rows at a time (frogging), and how to fix other common mistakes.

Price: $20

Call (503.922.1150), email (class@twistedpdx.com) or drop by to sign up or get more info!