Raffle winners

We had a fantastic Anniversary Sale last Saturday and want to thank everyone who made it out in the middle of the pouring rain to help us celebrate! When we opened there were nearly 50 people in line and it stretched almost to the end of the block. Yowza. We meant to take a picture… but were too busy handing out gift bags!


Danille and her bag – twinies!

We also had two different raffles going on all day. One was for a Lantern Moon Olivia Lite bag. This is a gorgeous new bag from Lantern Moon with a bunch of different pockets and it’s made of incredibly lightweight parachute fabric. The winner of that was Danille. She even dressed to match her prize! How much do we heart her??!!

Our second raffle prize was a basket absolutely stuffed to overflowing with yarn, needles, patterns, and a bag. Whew! This went to the very lucky Shirley. Lucky first of all for winning our prize, and second of all for having a fantastic hubby who stopped by to pick up the basket for her. (And wasn’t so sure about being photographed for a knitting blog – who could blame him?) Congrats!

Thanks to all of you for such a fun day, and to the local vendors who contributed to our gift bags, including Lantern Moon, Imperial Stock Ranch, and Skacel.