New Shawl Pins from Squire Country

Hey all! This is Shannon. I don’t know if you know this, but my parents are pretty crafty folks. My dad works with wood, and has been making amazing knitting- and spinning-related items for us to sell here at Twisted (he sells them in shops in Montana, too, and on Etsy). He started out with Sock Blockers, and now makes Knitty Noddy‘s and Braiding Stars. The newest item he’s been creating (and they have proven to be insanely popular) are wooden shawl pins. Gorgeous and so reasonably priced, it’s amazing. But, I won’t babble on and on about them – let’s share some photos, and you can be the judge. We’ve got a bunch in the shop right now, and you can get them online, as well. He’s got Tree Branch (literally!) sticks and Square-Top ones.