Peggy and Deana’s Kilt Hose

We received the most fantastic email the other day, and just had to share it:

“We were in a few weeks ago, looking for yarn for kilt socks and a sweater for Peggy to knit for Deana’s husband. The associate who worked with us was incredibly helpful and we found some great yarns. She expressed an interest in seeing the finished product, so we are sending some photos along of the first pair. These were made out of Gems Fingering in Linen Grey. Peggy is partway through the second pair of socks, and we will be sure to send pictures along when they and the matching sweater are completed.”

And, here are the photos. How lucky is Deana’s husband? These gorgeous kilt hose, AND he gets another pair and a matching sweater? Super-lucky, I’d say.

Have a project made out of Twisted yarn that you’d love to share with us? You can either come on in and have us photograph it, or you can email a photo directly to